When Seconds Count, Count on Campus Shield™.
The most effective and reliable panic button system available.


 It is a radio-frequency based panic button system that allows teachers, staff, and other school personnel to quickly and easily alert first responders to an emergency on campus. It works indoors and out. There are no dead zones and it provides reliable location information whether the person in distress is in a basement, first floor classroom or third floor bathroom. The PAL (personal alarm locator) travels with individuals on a lanyard or in a pocket, eliminating the need for fixed, hard wired panic buttons many people are familiar with.   

how it works 

The system is activated by a small, handheld device called a PAL (personal alarm locator). PAL activation is simple and discrete. People typically keep their PAL in a pocket or on a lanyard. When a PAL is handed out, the holder’s profile information is associated to that PAL and entered into a secure database. 

Once pressed, a PAL emits a 310mhz signal that is picked up by a network of indoor and outdoor radio frequency receivers. In seconds, that signal sounds an alert at our head-end (police dispatch or other campus security office). 

Monitors at the head-end display a picture of the PAL holder and profile information as well as the location of the emergency. If the PAL holder  moves during activation, their location updates automatically. 

Campus Shield is the fastest most reliable way to mobilize a response to a campus emergency.